PISA 2015

The results of PISA 2015 were publicly announced at a press conference in Berlin on Tuesday, 6 December 2016. The collective report with the findings, a summary and brochure are available online:

National Report 2015


PISA 2015 brochure


In April and May of 2015, 253 schools with 6,504 students across Germany took part in the PISA test. The exercises on science (focus domain) mathematics and reading, as well as solving problems in a team, were completed worldwide by students in 72 countries.

For the second time since 2006, the main focus of PISA 2015 was to test the scientific literacy of 15-year-old students. This means that most of the test exercises were science-based, with a smaller part respectively devoted to reading and mathematics.

A new feature was that the test exercises were processed via computer. This also applied to the general competencies of collaborative problem-solving contained in this PISA round.

Students completed the collaborative exercises by solving the problems together with a virtual partner. The abridged report “Kollaboratives Problemlösen in PISA 2015” (only available in German) outlines the national results and compares them in an international context.

Abridged report

Press release