In June 2020, an overview of the results of the PISA study 2018 was published in the journal SchulVerwaltung Bayern (https://shop. schulverwaltung. de/organisation-verwaltung/66600058-schulverwaltung-bayern. html). In this practical journal for school management, the most important results of the PISA study by Prof. Dr. Kristina Reiss and Dr. Mirjam Weis are presented comprehensively. The article can be found here (only available in German).


The PISA study 2021 was postponed by one year due to school closures due to the Corona pandemic. Thus, the next PISA study will take place in 2022. Further information on the schedule can be found here. PISA 2022 focuses on mathematical literacy and as an innovative domain of creative thinking. In the following PISA study in 2025, scientific competence will again be the main domain.

Source: PISA Website of the OECD


The school management manual with results from PISA 2018 has now been published. You can find information here (only available in German). The individual contributions are also listed under  "PISA Publications - Journal Publications".