Creative Thinking (2022)

The 2022 PISA survey is the first to examine the creative thinking of 15-year-old students at the end of their compulsory schooling as an innovative domain.

Creative thinking is defined as the competence to generate diverse or creative ideas as well as to evaluate and improve ideas. Ideas can be effective solutions to real problems, advances in knowledge and effective expressions of the imagination. In any case, they are novel and useful.

The survey uses tasks that minimize the importance of innate talents for performance and place greater emphasis on the individual's malleable ability to think creatively. This type of creative thinking can be applied not only to learning contexts that primarily require the expression of one's inner world (e.g. creative writing), but also to other areas where the generation of ideas is necessary to explore issues, problems or society-wide concerns. The tasks will be divided into the areas of creative expression - verbal or visual - and problem solving - scientific or social.