PISA 2025

The PISA National Center has already started with the preparations of the PISA 2025 survey. As in previous cycles, the PISA survey assesses the competence of 15-year-old students in the domains of science, reading and mathematics. After 2006 and 2015, scientific literacy is again the main domain.

In addition, the innovative domain learning in the digital world and, for the first time as additional domain, foreign language literacy will be tested.

A representative sample of 15-year-olds will participate in the study. In addition to the competences of the adolescents, questionnaires assess their learning environment, motivational orientations and attitudes as well as their social and immigration background. The questionnaires will be filled out by the students, their parents, teachers, and school principals.

You can always find out what we are currently working on under PISA 2025 Milestones.