July 4, 2023

Meeting with the IEA Hamburg

In July 2023, we welcomed the team of the IEA Hamburg (International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement) in Munich to discuss key elements for PISA 2025. The focus of this meeting was, among other things, sampling, the cultural ministry approval procedures, as well as the technical implementation of the testing. We would like to thank you for the productive meeting and look forward to further cooperation!


March 20, 2023

PISA NPM Meeting in Lisbon

Preparations for the next PISA study in 2025 are in full swing, and to this end the first meeting of the National Project Managers (NPM) was held in Lisbon from 13 to 17 March. Representatives from all (over 90) countries particitpating in PISA discussed a wide range of topics, such as the conceptual framework of science, the implementation of data collection and analysis standards, or timelines for the translation of the test material. The meeting was an important milestone for the implementation of the PISA study in 2025 and demonstrated the commitment of the participating NPMs to strong collaboration and coordination in the field of educational research.

February 8, 2023

Second edition of the PISA Scale Manual 2018: Documentation of the survey instruments

The second edition of the PISA 2018 Scale Manual has been published at It expands the existing scale manual to include the topics of self-regulation and chronotypes.