Milestones PISA 2022

Preparations for the PISA 2022 survey have already begun in October 2018: A lot of preparatory work has to be done, from checking the content and language of the test documents and questionnaires to drawing the sample and conducting the field trial and main study. Based on the most important milestones, this page gives an overview of the major working tasks completed by the national project management. As soon as a milestone is completed, it is highlighted in color and supplemented by a short text with further information. It is therefore worthwhile to visit this page regularly.

  • October/November 2018 (detailed information)
    Itemreview new mathematic items
    Itemreview innovative domain
    Itemreview questionnaires
  • March to June 2019
    Translation of the new mathematic items and questionnaires from the OECD source languages (English, French) into German (detailed information)
  • May to August 2019
    Reconciling of German items and adaptation of specific terms
    Verification and linguistic review of German texts by OECD Contractor (detailed information)


  • December 2019 to March 2020
    Approval procedure for the PISA materials of the 4 federal states selected for the field trial (detailed information)


  • April/May 2020
    Preparations for the field trial have been completed. Due to school closures because of the Corona pandemic the field trial has so far not been carried out. (detailed information)
  • July 2020 to April 2021 
    Preparation of supplementary testing material, adaptations of the computer platform and further guidelines to the changed testing situation. In addition, a new sample of students and teachers is drawn. The field trial is planned for 2.111 participating students on 46 schools. (detailed information)
  • April to May 2021 
    Realization of the field trial at 41 schools with 1.218 participating students. (detailed information)


  • October to December 2021
    Review, if necessary corrections of errors, and final approval of items and questionnaires for the main study (detailed information)
  • December 2021 to March 2022
    Approval procedure of the PISA materials by the 16 federal states (detailed information)


  • April/May 2022
    Implementation of the PISA main study on 230 schools with approx. 13.000 students (detailed information)


  • June 2022 to April 2023
    Evaluation of the data from the main study
  • May 2023 to November 2023
    Report volume PISA 2022: writing phase, data transfer to the publisher, several correction loops, printing
  • December 2023
    Publication of the results of PISA 2022 at a press conference in Berlin
  • June 2024
    Sending feedback to those schools that participated in the PISA 2022 main study
  • Autumn 2024
    Publication of the innovative domain results in PISA 2022 (creative thinking)
  • Summer 2025
    Providing the PISA 2022 dataset for secondary analyses by transferring it to the Research Data Centre (FDZ) at the IQB
  • Summer 2025
    Publication of the manual which documents all questionnaire scales and test items of PISA 2022